Why Waldorf Works

Why Waldorf Works - Greta Streed Engl 333 We All Go To...

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Greta Streed Engl 333 October 25, 2009 We All Go To School We all go to school. It’s a government requirement that until the legal age of eighteen children engage in some kind of education. However, the types of educational experience you have will range from public school, home school, Catholic/Christian school and some alternative types of education such as Montessori’s and Waldorf schools. Education should be about growth and instilling a desire to learn, something that Montessori’s and Waldorf schools infuse in their students from the beginning. The Waldorf method was developed by Rudolf Steiner it 1919, his theory of education is based on human development and the needs of growing children. The basis of the Waldorf method is to encourage an enthusiasm for learning in each child; this creates an internal motivation for lifelong learning rather than external motivation based on rewards or competition (Everything You Need To Know About Waldorf Education). An encouragement of creativity and love for learning is something most teachers strive to create, but few succeed in instilling. The Waldorf method may be criticized because it strays so much from traditional learning. Most of us can say we’ve been brought up on a traditional curriculum of learning through reading and studying, with strong emphasis of procedural strategy rather than conceptual. Indeed, our country has done quite with our leaders being educated with a strategy that has endured time. We all learned to “borrow” in math and that it’s I before E except after C, but what if we learned things by doing and experiencing rather than being told what is true and why it works? A Waldorf School in Chico emphasizes independent thinking and problem-solving without being dependent
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on a teacher. They also boast an educational experience that follows a child’s natural skill and encourages an artistic approach to all subjects (Our Vision). Waldorf schools encourage music and art to be a part of every child’s academic experience. Music training develops parts of the brain involved with language and reasoning. Not only does it develop your brain but, there is a link between music and spatial development. Art students learn to think creatively and problem solve. Music training enhances teamwork and discipline; students of the arts also have an outlet
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Why Waldorf Works - Greta Streed Engl 333 We All Go To...

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