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Spring Awakening - Greta Streed December 3, 2008 Theater...

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Greta Streed December 3, 2008 Theater 110 Section 01 Spring Awakening Critique For my outside writing assignment I saw Spring Awakening at the Curran Theater in San Francisco. It was by far one of the best musicals or plays I have ever seen, and for the past two years my mom has taken me, sometimes willingly and sometimes not, to see every play that’s come to the Orange County Performing arts so I’ve seen a lot of plays. The play started with Wendla singing “Mama Who Bore Me” on a chair center stage and having a conversation with her mother about how she wants to know more about “how babies are made”. Her mother only tells her that babies are made when a woman loves her husband. The other girls then join in on “Mama Who Bore Me” and are equally innocent to the inter-workings of sex and love which are taboo topics in 19 th century German culture. The next scene is “All That’s Known” where the boys of the play are reciting Latin. Here we’re introduced to Moritz who messes up his translation and his scolded in front of the class until the rebellious Melchior stands up to the teacher on his behalf. As the boys continue chanting Melchior sings “All That’s Known” about the ignorance of his teachers and wanting to know more than what his superiors feel is appropriate for him to learn. He vows to go beyond what they have planned for him and to be different. Following “All That’s Known” is “The Bitch of Living” which was amazing to watch performed. The song is about a dream Moritz keeps having about the “Silver Angel”
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Spring Awakening - Greta Streed December 3, 2008 Theater...

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