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Greta Streed March 8, 2010 Address and date of access: ; 3/8/10 Author or contact person: None Link to local home page: Institution: MEXonline Date of creation or revision: Copyrighted 2003-2010 Intended audience: People doing educational research on Mexico Purpose of the information: To explain the history behind Mexico’s independence Criteria and scores for evaluation: Currency: an article from 2010 and all links are functional Relevance: The article is in depth and educational in nature, it provides helpful and current information and would be appropriate to use in a research paper
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Unformatted text preview: Authority: There is no author to the article, but the website’s information appears reliable and the entire website is based around all things to do with Mexico, so it seems as though the institution is an authority on Mexico Accuracy: called “the most oldest and most trusted online guide to Mexico”, the information does not have an author but is copyrighted, tone and language seems educational and not biased. Purpose: to educate students doing research on Mexico and how it gained independence Total score and rationale:...
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