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Greta Streed March 8, 2010 Address and date of access:; 3/8/10 Author or contact person: None Link to local home page: Institution: Wikipedia Date of creation or revision: Not Listed Intended audience: Anyone researching the Battle of San Jacinto Purpose of the information: To inform about the history of San Jacinto Criteria and scores for evaluation: Currency: No way to know if the information is current because no revision date is listed
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Unformatted text preview: Relevance: The information is in depth and relevant and provides a lot of information about the topic Authority: No way to judge authority because anyone can post to the site, .org Accuracy: Most information is credited to an outside source, however since anyone can edit information on the site there is no way to tell if the information listed is accurate Purpose: to educate and inform about the Battle of San Jacinto Total score and rationale:...
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