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Brenda Ueland - Greta Streed Reading Response 1: Brenda...

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Greta Streed Reading Response 1: Brenda Ueland I found the Brenda Ueland selections to completely and indescribably true and inspiring. In the first excerpt on listening she says on page 1, “you can see that when you think how the friends that really listen to us are the ones we move toward, and we want to sit in their radius as though it did us good”. When I read this I immediately thought of my grandma who has an inexplicable ability to make friends wherever she goes. Whenever I get off a plane at the airport I can find her engaged in a heart to heart with someone who would be only a face in the crowd to anyone else. She makes connects with people and draws them in because she listens, really and truly without an agenda or criticism. Brenda continues to say about true listeners that they are, “the kindest, least censorious, least bossy people that you know. It is because by pouring out your problem to them, out then know what to do about it yourself”. I have a roommate who is a particularly bad listener. She can’t listen to you without judging, criticizing or even getting upset. Talking over a problem with her makes me more confused about my problem then when I started out. After talking to my grandma, though she says half of what my angry roommate says, I always seem to come to some kind of revelation about my problem and feel sure of my solution. I think this passage is especially important for future teachers because she says, “[Poor
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Brenda Ueland - Greta Streed Reading Response 1: Brenda...

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