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1. The take away of the TED talk seemed to me to be that comics are a part of our future and are moving along just as technology does. I was really interested in his idea of liminality in the space between pictures and how kids, who go through many liminal periods, find this as part of the reason they relate so much to comics. It was also interesting to hear McCloud speak about comics being a temporal map and that they gain their readability from sequence and type and adding hypertext and sound ruined that spatial aspect. The computer must be used as a window, as a continuous movement of a map with durable mutations I believe he said. Media is the window back into the world and helps us see our own world. The article by Versaci was probably more applicable because it dealt directly with comics in the classroom. He said that “By placing a comic book – the basic form of which they no doubt recognize – into the context of a class room, teachers can catch students off guard in a positive way
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