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ExcusesPoem - But then I closed the door and they were on...

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For my prompt I would have the kids write a poem that rhymes but doesn't have to, but if so follows a rhyme scheme. If it doesn't rhyme I would like them to follow iambic pentameter and create a pattern that way. My room gets messy when it’s alone So it could not be a fault of my own. Just the moment I walk out the door My pajamas and t-shirts jump on the floor. And it just doesn’t matter if my bed is neat as can be Because the sheets undo themselves just to spite me And I picked up my toys, every last one
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Unformatted text preview: But then I closed the door and they were on the run It isn’t fair to punish me, when none of its my doing You should scold the walls and floors, for the work that they’re undoing. When it comes down to it, I’m really quite peeved At the havoc my bedroom wreaks when I leave. A time out in my bedroom, what’s that you say? Because then all hard work in it’s place will stay. Well that’s not what I wanted at all! Suppose it was worth the try after all....
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