FINALPOST - . .Whathaveyoulearned?Whathaveyou learnedtodo??...

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Consider your work of the course this semester. Read back through your online posts  and look over the work you have turned in. What have you learned? What have you  learned to do? What do you wish you had learned? What can you do with what you have  learned? Be specific. Quote yourself. BEST:  No key in blood or beard of blue Or sister with a perfect view To see brothers riding in to save The maiden to which the key he gave. No wicked beggars with keys and eggs Who magically sprout really long legs This story has no headless blow Or creepy self-assembling torso No one in this story noted their gut reaction To a fiancé sure to bring dissatisfaction No helpful grannys or birds that sing And no cannibal robber with a wedding ring I was really nervous to do this assignment but I ended up really loving it and got a really supportive response from my whole group who loved my riddle. I didn’t think I’d be able to write a riddle that made any sense but I was really happy with how it turned out. This is one of the posts that I liked the best and it was also one that I considered very difficult but I loved the outcome of it. It showed me not to be so skeptical of all these posts and that they’re a really good way to dig into the text in a new way and you get more out of reading when you play with the text and you really delve into it and analyze and think about it and after this went so well it made me more open to really putting effort into the rest of the posts. One of the reasons my group discussed was the contrast of good and evil, a theme of the book seems to be that there is no clear definition of good and evil when you think you’ve found the bad guy you hear their story and suddenly the evil character changes again. Kissing is something good and something we do to people we have affection for and witches are traditionally evil creatures so to kiss something evil is a mash up of good and evil. A kiss is also a crossing of boundaries; you have to know someone really well to
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FINALPOST - . .Whathaveyoulearned?Whathaveyou learnedtodo??...

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