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Hobart Shakespeareans The video about the Hobart Shakespeareans was remarkable by anyone’s standards. One of my favorite ideas from the video was treating children like they are capable; much in the same way that the author of the Austere Academy used advanced vocabulary and dark humor knowing that children would be capable of understanding. It seems, that children will rise to the standards set for them and if low standards and expectations are set they’ll never reach their potential. I liked the idea of teaching Shakespeare at such a young age, but I would rather have the children present a performance based on their interpretation of the play not just acting out the original dialogue. I also don’t agree with the emphasis he places on being American, I would’ve preferred he have each child explore their heritage and appreciate it and be known as individuals with less emphasis put on conformity to American values. Although, I do understand why he would want to unite the children to each other with a common thread and give the a way to connect to the rest
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