Kissing the Witch

Kissing the Witch - I really liked The Tale of the...

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Unformatted text preview: I really liked The Tale of the Handkerchief. I liked how it started out with the queen saying, “The reason I would have killed you to stay a queen is that I have no right to be a queen”. It was interesting to hear about the queen’s struggles and why it meant so much for her to be a queen and why she was so threatened by someone who could prove to be her competition. I also thought the story was really interesting because the princess whose life she stole was content to remain a peasant and didn’t want her throne back. I really liked the ending because she worked so hard to marry a prince and then she realizes he’s sick and going to die and if she doesn’t quickly have a baby she won’t be queen anymore so her whole life is going to be her constantly struggling to stay on top she’ll never be able to relax. I also think the story of the handkerchief shows a lot about women today because women seem to be in constant competition. Even between the closest of friends there’s a sort of rivalry to be more beautiful or constant competition....
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