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redwheelbarrowpost - In psychology you learn about episodic...

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1. I think he feels like he’s seeing something that is important to him; something that maybe strikes up a memory from his childhood or an important time in his life. He see’s something that impacts him and makes him feel, something simple but complex enough to him that he felt moved enough to write about it. It was probably something that had some kind of significance to his life or reminded him of a time in his life that he was emotionally tied to.
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Unformatted text preview: In psychology you learn about episodic memory, a memory in which you remember all the details of a certain event, this poem could be the surroundings of something that happened that was important to him. He sees something that marks an important memory or something that inspired a feeling or reminds him of an event. 2. So much depends Upon A cheesy movie Warm comforter that fits Two When there’s so much To be done...
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