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I liked the Hobart Shakespeare video we watched because it made me realize that children are capable of so much more than we give them credit for. I would love to use Shakespeare in a classroom, but rather than reenacting it in the original text I would want to see the students take on it and how they rewrite it to make it make sense and relate to them. I liked the Shakespeare for kids’ book we read and all the letters that kids wrote pretending to be one character writing to another character, that is also something I would want to try. With the poetry unit I really felt the same way, I was impressed with what children could write when given the chance for expression and not told what’s good or bad or write or wrong. I like the idea of having the guidance of start each line with, or end each line with this or include this thing or feeling in every line because I feel like it
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Unformatted text preview: gives kids enough structure that they have something to go off of without stifling them with too many rules. Clearly, it was the high energy and enthusiasm of the teacher’s more than anything that made the children take their “assignments” so seriously. I also liked how the teachers let them work with each other and use each other’s lines and bounce ideas around because none of the poems came out the same even though they were sharing ideas and lines. We always stress doing things on your own and not talking while you write, but sometimes someone says something that makes you want to add something or go another direction and you aren’t copying you’re just being inspired by someone else....
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