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Chapter 14 - homework - Chapter 14 SE6 Primary Process...

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Chapter 14 SE6 Primary Process $1.40 Design .15 Supply 1.10 Production 4.00 Marketing .80 Distribution .90 Customer Service .65 ===== Total Cost per unit $9.00 Support Services Human Resources $1.45 Legal Services .50 Information Systems .85 Management Accounting .20 ===== Total cost per unit $3.00 E1 It is impossible to distinguish the point at which financial accounting ends and management account begins: E4 Goal: (2) Mission: (4) Strategic Objective: (3) Tactical objectives: (6) Operating objectives: (7) Business plan: (5) Budget: (1) 1
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E5 Harley-Davidson Motor Company Harley-Davidson Revs Up Logistics to Keep Pace With Growth Challenge Add speed, visibility, and efficiency to the U.S. logistics processes of one of the world's leading motorcycle manufacturers, to accommodate growth and enhance service for manufacturing facilities and dealerships. Solution Leverage UPS expertise and worldwide network of cross-docking facilities, freight and package delivery services and cutting-edge technology to streamline transportation processes and bring visibility throughout the supply chain. Results Accelerated average delivery times Significantly reduced transportation and inventory costs Enhanced visibility Improved dealership customer satisfaction Streamlined operations Support lean and just-in-time manufacturing processes UPS helped reduce their transportation costs, improve their delivery speed, keep their inventory lean and improve service to their internal and external customers. E6 Value Chain – Primary Processes : Design: (3) Supply: (6) Production: (7) Customer Service: (9) Value Chain – Support Services Human Resources: (2) Legal Services: (5) Information Systems (8)
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Chapter 14 - homework - Chapter 14 SE6 Primary Process...

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