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Audit Project - A3 Cash


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STANDARD FORM TO CONFIRM ACCOUNT BALANCE INFORMATION WITH FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS McCullough's General Store CUSTOMER NAME We have provided to our accountants the following information as of the close of business on December 31, 2010 , regarding our deposit and loan balances. Please confirm the accuracy of the information, noting any exceptions to the information provided. 1. At the close of business on the date listed above, our records indicated the following deposit balance(s): ACCOUNT NAME ACCOUNT NO. INTEREST RATE BALANCE General Checking 133-7825 n/a 12,000 Savings 133-8765 1.2%  85,000 Payroll 133-9935 n/a  10,000 2. We were directly liable to the financial institution for loans at the close of business on the date listed above as follows: ACCOUNT NO./ DESCRIPTION BALANCE DATE DUE INTEREST RATE DATE THROUGH WHICH INTEREST IS PAID DESCRIPTION OF COLLATERAL Note Payable  217,500  1/1/13  5.25% 12/31/10 Assets Line of Credit  96,400  12/31/11 4%  12/31/10  Assets Jean McCullough                                          
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