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Research Memo Example - Memo To: Linda Walsh From: (Student...

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Memo To: Linda Walsh From: (Student Name) Date: July 28, 2011 Re: Engagement risks in obtaining new clients This memo addresses the importance of understanding and evaluating engagement risks when obtaining new clients. Risks associated with obtaining new clients can have a detrimental affect on the firm if they go ignored and actually come to fruition. These affects range from financial loss, tarnishing of the firm’s image or ultimately the firm’s demise. The problem surrounding many firms regarding engagement risk in the past was that in their haste to take on new clients and retain profitable ones, auditors may not have been totally cognizant of all the risks associated with the client. (1) The last decade was very profitable and many auditors may have forgone their duty of evaluating risks in order to get their piece of the pie. As auditor’s we must be vigilant in remembering our professional obligation to minimize the amount of risk when obtaining new clients despite how lucrative the account may be. Below I will discuss ways we can minimize this risk to better protect our integrity, our firm and our
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Research Memo Example - Memo To: Linda Walsh From: (Student...

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