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01_Biochemistry Test Notes


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Unformatted text preview: ‘ Biochemistry test — Chapters 3 and 8 Topics for your consideration Characteristics of Carbon atoms that yield the tremendous variety of organic molecules The 4 classes of biomacromolecules —their structures, functions, monomers, linking mil; 3,1946 bonds £1me no can; W3 The relationship between dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis] anabolic reactions an catabolic reactions The four levels of protein structure — name and define/describe Endergonic reactions and exergonic reactions. Compare the free energies of reactants and products. Know the sign of AG. Is the reaction spontaneous or nonspontaneous? How do your cells perform nonspontaneous reactions? (coupling with the hydrolysis of ATP- a exergonic reaction) Enzymes - What are they and how do they work? (Be able to describe the induced fit model) How do they affect the energetic of a reaction? How is the rate of enzyme catalyzed reaction affected by changes in substrate concentration, enzyme concentration, pH, or temperature (graphs)? ...
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