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02_AP Bio Midterm Review Packet


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Unformatted text preview: Must Know Essay topics: QMPWF‘JT‘ >‘ 8. 9. Biochemistry — water, structure and function of 4 class or organic molecules Cells — structure/function especially cell membrane, transport, communication Photosynthesis ~ process and chloroplast structure Respiration — process and mitochondrial structure Cell Division — mitosis and meiosis Molecular genetics — DNA structure and replication, protein synthesis, new technologies Evolution — natural selection and speciation, evidence, Hardy-Weinberg Plants — reproduction in flowering plants, transport in xylem and phloem, hormones and tropisms (auxin) Animals— all systems, be sure to know nerve, muscle, hormones, regulation 10 Ecology — succession, biogeochemical cycles population growth The emphasis is on the 8 Themes of the course: 1. Science as a Process 2. Evolution 3. Energy Transfer 4. Continuity and Change 5. Relationship of Structure and Function 6. Regulation 7. Interdependence in Nature 8. Science, Technology and Society ...
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