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Certificate of Need

Certificate of Need - against its state constitution Goes...

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At one point almost every state had a CON law, now about 17-18 states have repealed them.  NC still has a CON law.  CON - regulates health planning of hospitals George Watts Hill - big supporter of health planning in NC, working with the community  CON laws:  regulate public and private facilitates Are not limited to government funding Prohibits anyone in the state from building anything without approval from the state Supreme court threw out the NC CON law on the grounds that it violated the NC state  constitution   Congress decides to support CON laws Not a Federal CON law --> Federal funding law NC wants to get money from the fed gov, but it has been ruled against the NC constitution What does NC do? NC sues the fed gov arguing that the fed gov is trying to force the state to do something that is 
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Unformatted text preview: against its state constitution Goes to US supreme court and they rule - no one is forcing you to do anything You can either: • Not accept our gov money • Amend your state constitution--> NC did not do either of these things They adopted a new CON statute so that they could accept the US gov money Originally, NC unconstitutionality of CON laws was ruled on the basis that health care was different from any other industry What would be the affect of repealing the federal statute on the NC statute? The fed statute required the state to establish a statute in order to receive money Once the fed gov did this, states no longer had any incentive to keep their CON laws • However, the majority of states still kept their CON laws....
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