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Ecology Unit Chapters 55-59 Notes PART 4


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5 Ansh Guglani 4. Density Independent factors – cause variation in birth or death rate without regard to population size; often weather related. a. Natural Disasters b. Drought c. Extreme Drought/Weather d. Fire B. Population Cycles – reasons are unclear/ many hypotheses 1. Predator-Prey fluctuations: North American snowshoe hare and Canada Lynx (10 years); Cause? [SIDE NOTE] Lemmings’ barb2right northern (Norway) rodent 1950’s Disney Production. They keep on falling off of the table (committing suicide?) until the carrying capacity (K) is no longer being exceeded. This happened in a 3 year cycle.
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Life History patterns – group of adaptation that affect reproductive success; complete description of Life Cycle; maximize Lifetime reproductive success A. Overview 1. Genetically determined 2. Subject to Natural Selection 3. Includes the following variations: a. Frequency of reproduction b. # of offspring c. Parental care d. Size of offspring (Clutch size, etc.) e. Sexual/ Asexual f. Maturation Rate (Age of Reproduction) B. Cost of Reproduction: reduction in future reproductive potential due to the cost of current reproduction; trade offs # OF OFFSPRING IN ONE SET...
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