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Ecology Unit Chapters 55-59 Notes PART 9


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10 Ansh Guglani b. Secondary succession: occurs in areas where an existing community has been disturbed but organisms still remain Ex) Abandoned field, forest after a fire 2. Why it happens? Species alter the habitat and the responses avail in ways that favor other species entering the habitat. 3. Climax Community – stable community determined by climate (precipitation/ temperature), characterized by vegetation barb2left (dominant plant species) 4. Disturbance is the rule: Communities are constantly changing as a result of: i. Climate Changes ii. Species Invasion iii. Disturbance Event 5. Intermediate disturbance hypothesis: moderate (biodiversity) disturbance leads to greater species richness patches at different stages/ not at climax stage
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Unformatted text preview: VII. Ecosystem – all the organisms (community) that live in a particular place, plus the abiotic environment through which energy flows and materials cycle. A. SOLAR ENERGY 1. The amount reaching the earth is affected by the Earth/ Atmosphere 2. Approximately 50% of the incoming radiation reaches earth’s surface: 30% is reflected; 20% absorbed a. Warms the surface b. Powers the water cycle c. Uneven distribution affects climate, winds, and weather d. Supports life 3. Approximately 1% of the sun’s energy is incorporated into the living world through Photosynthesis 4. Importance of the ozone layer, O 3 – converts incoming harmful UV Rays to Heat (hole – Antarctica)...
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