Ecology Unit Chapters 55-59 Notes PART 14


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15 Ansh Guglani b. Continental shelves – NETRIC (fishing/food!) water c. Coral Reefs – Highly/Most Productive d. Open Oceans i. Photic zone ii. Pelagic zone iii. Benthic zones - Deep ocean trenches – chemoautotrophs (exception to “desert water” because they are very diverse with lots of life) - Upwellings C. Human Impacts - Aquatic habitats are threatened by pollution - Point source - Diffuse: eutrophication caused by runoff - Pollution from coal burning: acid (pH <5.6)
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Unformatted text preview: b of concern; this happens because of Sox and NOx + H 2 O, which is sulfuric and nitric oxides -Deforestation: o Destroys habitats which causes the loss or organisms (SAVE THE HABITIAT, NOT TO THE ORGANISMS) Maintain Habitat = Maintain Diversity -Over fishing bad -Ocean pollution bad -Depletion of ozone lens = skin cancer and cataracts -Global warming due to increase in CO 2 concentrations...
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