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Population Growth of an Organism
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Week 2 Assignments 1 Population Growth of an Organism Mindi Barker 1. Make a hypothesis about how you think the two species of Paramecium will grow alone and how they will grow when they are grown together. I believe that each of these specimens would grow better when combined then when by themselves since when combined they tend to compete with each other when growing. 2. Explain how you tested your hypothesis. I concluded my hypothesis by separately placing the organisms in a two separate test tubes and then in the last test tube combining both organisms. Finally I evaluated the specimens under the microscope to evaluate how the organisms populated under each combination. 3. On what day did the Paramecium caudatum population reach the carrying capacity of the environment when it was grown alone? How do you know? Day 8 was when the population of the Paramecium Caudatum reached its carrying capacity because that is when there was a change in the organisms. 4.
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