The Pythagorean Theorem

The Pythagorean Theorem - The Pythagorean The Pythagorean...

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The Pythagorean 1 The Pythagorean Theorem Mindi Barker MAT 126 Professor Achacoso July 17 th , 2011 The Pythagorean Theorem
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1. Make sure you build or generate at least five more Pythagorean Triples using one of the many formulas available online for doing this. 2. After building your triples, verify each of them in the Pythagorean Theorem equation. The Pythagorean triple is a mathematical method that has stood the test of time. Starting with Pythagoras in 540 b.c. there have been many scholars that had contributed to this method each adding a new component to a very necessary aspect of early times. In present day time the easiest way to perform this method is through the use of the equation Which is the method I will use later on in this exercise. To get a full understanding of this method of mathematics I will first go over the various ways that the Pythagorean triple theorem can be used and the individual associated with that method. I will then select 5 sets of Pythagorean triples and do by using the formula that is most comfortable to me. The earliest use of this method began with Pythagoras himself with the creation of a formula for generating triples (540 B.C.) which is:
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The Pythagorean Theorem - The Pythagorean The Pythagorean...

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