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The initial steps of writing an essay consist of five basic stages. The first step in writing process is generating ideas. This step here, the writer begins the planning of the essay. They can determine their purpose for writing this essay. Finding the purpose is important this is how the writer will generate a thesis statement for an essay. This beginning step a writer finds the point they want to obtain and figure out how they will support that main point. The second step is to plan the essay. To complete this step, knowing the audience is important. A writer must be able to get their point across to these readers in a fashion that they understand what is going on. Writers should write from the viewpoint that the reader does not know anything else about
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Unformatted text preview: the topic then what they write about. In planning an essay writers must organize all the ideas they have gathered and make an outline of how and in which order they will place it on the essay so it makes sense. The next step is developing a draft. This is a rough example of how the essay is formed. The next step is to revise this is when a writer reviews the draft making sure that the ideas make sense for the audience, making sure that the points fit, and taking out any unnecessary content. The last step is to edit. This is when the writer examines the final draft to check for grammar and English errors....
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