Math 212 Day 4 HW - Angela Bates (Dobbins) April 10, 2011...

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Angela Bates (Dobbins) April 10, 2011 MTH 212 Day 4 Begin Reading Research Paper Read Ma pages 107-113 Responses to the following questions are due Monday, April 11 th Focus Questions related to reading in Ma : Do your best when answering these questions. 1. What is meant by the old saying: “Know how, and also know why”? How is this saying going to help benefit the way you teach mathematics? a. I believe this saying means to know the concept and the why behind it, as in knowing why you must follow order of operations. Knowing this saying and the meaning behind it will greatly influence the way I teach mathematics. As a student myself I often struggled with not knowing the why behind the mathematics, which made me struggle the with the concepts themselves. It wasn’t until I understood the why , that I could properly complete the algorithms correctly. Because of my prior struggles with mathematics I am determined to always teach the why behind the concept along with the concept itself, because I believe it provides the student with a better foundation which leads to a better and complete understanding of the topic, and eventually mastery of the concepts. 2. On the bottom of page 108, Ma mentions that: Chinese teachers do not express the additive version of the commutative law as “The order in which you add two numbers doesn’t matter.” Instead, they say “When we add two addends, if we exchange their places in the sentence, the sum will remain the
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Math 212 Day 4 HW - Angela Bates (Dobbins) April 10, 2011...

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