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Exam 1 - CE 461 Roadway and Pavement Design Midterm Exam...

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1 CE 461 Roadway and Pavement Design Midterm Exam Fall 2010 Name: Note: State any and all assumptions (make sure they are reasonable) in your solutions. You are allowed to talk with only with Professor Haddock or Karim Abdel Warith about the exam. No one else! The exam is due at the beginning of class (no later than 10:35 AM on Monday, 25 October 2010). I suggest that exams not be put in my mailbox or under my office door, as I will not be responsible for those thus submitted. 1. Describe the difference(s), if any, between functional and structural performance. If there are differences between functional and structural performance, can a pavement fail one of the two measures and still perform in the other? Explain your answer (10 Points).
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2 2. Your consulting firm has been retained as the design consultant for the new I-69 freeway to be built from Indianapolis to Evansville. Your supervisor has just given the soils tests for one 10-mile section of the freeway to you. The data are: 100% passing the No. 10 and No. 40 sieves; 42% passing the No. 200 sieve; 20% passing the No. 325 sieve; the liquid limit is 32 and the plasticity index is 12. Your supervisor has asked you to classify the soil using the AASHTO classification method and to
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