Accounting 1 c Sylabus- DeAnza

Accounting 1 c Sylabus- DeAnza - Managerial Accounting(1C...

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Managerial Accounting (1C) Instructor: David J. Pirrone, CPA, ESQ Office Phone (650) 299-9949 Office Hours: By Appointment E-mail: [email protected] Course URL: Syllabus REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS: 1. “ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLES” Weygandt- Kieso – Kimmel 9 th edition (CHAPTERS 19- 27 ONLY) – DO NOT BUY USED UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND “WILEYPLUS” AS IT WILL COST YOU MORE, 2. Wileyplus subscription (registration code is bundled with a new book) 3. Calculator , paper, a #2 pencil, and colored pen In a learning environment, everyone becomes a teacher and everyone becomes a student. Learning is your personal responsibility. The instructor is a mentor, facilitator, and coach in your active and unique learning process. Class sessions will be informal and class participation is strongly encouraged. Questions pertaining to the course or relating to the accounting/finance/business field are also welcome throughout the semester. Class lectures will be focused on helping students understand the “WHY’s” (the concept behind the mechanics) rather than the mere mechanics of the subject matter. Please do not use memorization as a substitute for understanding. I encourage you to join in class discussions and bring questions to class. This means that in order to receive the maximum benefits out of classroom time, you will need to read the assigned topics and attempt the homework before coming to class. It is obvious that you will be expected to attend all class meetings. Seats will be assigned and attendance will be taken. You also must be prepared to take part in class discussions. This does not mean that you should have all topics mastered and learned; otherwise there would be no reason for class. It does mean that you should not be hearing about the topic for the first time in class. Purpose of Course:
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This note was uploaded on 07/28/2011 for the course ACCT 1C taught by Professor Spinozzi during the Summer '10 term at DeAnza College.

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Accounting 1 c Sylabus- DeAnza - Managerial Accounting(1C...

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