BIO JOUNRAL ARTICLES - Berenice Ticona M/W 7:35-8:50 Dr....

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Berenice Ticona M/W 7:35-8:50 Dr. Tarnowski BSC 2010 Service Learning Project Dr. Tarnowski Fall 2010 Journal article summary. Complete summaries of at least 3 journal articles or websites. Article # __1 ___________ Article citation (example: Tarnowski et al., 2010. Plant Disease 95:101-131)/website address Holmes, Bob. "How animals learned to stick together. (Evolution)." New Scientist 179.2405 (2003): 19. Gale Science In Context . Web. 3 Nov. 2010. Is this a research article? ____No __ If so, what is the hypothesis that the research addresses? Give a brief summary of the article, including any experimental methods and results (for research article) or main points (for review articles). The article “How animals learned to stick together” explains how Nicole King a biologist from University of Wisconsin did an experiment on a group of water dwelling protozoan’s to prove whether of not the molecule cadherins, which are molecules that animals use to have their multicellular organisms stick together and to pass signals from one cell to another, originated from the beginning of multicellular animals or did the 1 st primitive animals use molecules that were already around for its benefit. She used choanoflagellates, which are the closest living single relative of multicellular animals; her team used about 5000 fragments of active genes from 2 choanoflagellate species. Nicole’s research showed that the molecules were rich of adhesion and signaling which meant that the presence of tyrosine kinases and 2 cadherins were key molecules for animal development and that they were present in the ancestor of animals shortly before
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BIO JOUNRAL ARTICLES - Berenice Ticona M/W 7:35-8:50 Dr....

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