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Defining Race and Ethnicity Week 1 Checkpoint

Defining Race and Ethnicity Week 1 Checkpoint - see that...

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The term race means to me the population that is in United States from different areas describing a person by a title such as Caucasian, Puerto Rican, Jamaican, African-American, and etcetera. The term ethnicity means to me the cultural background of a person and where they are from that sets them different from any other cultural background making them distinct from others, for example, filling out an application and it ask Ethnicity from Hispanic or Non- Hispanic background. These concepts are important to the United States society because it helps people understand different races and cultures of other people. Race is just the color so it helps children
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Unformatted text preview: see that not everyone is the same and everyone is created differently but, different. Ethnicity goes deeper than what children may understand but, gives children and adults a chance to learn of different cultures and open everyone’s eyes to the different areas of the world. There are something’s that can be prevalent to us as a country from someone else’s country that maybe exciting and a learning experience that we may never knew before. Also, these concepts bring diversity to the United States. If everyone was the same there would be no new ideas or concepts being created daily....
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