syllabus - CS141 Syllabus Computer Science 141 Computing...

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Unformatted text preview: CS141 Syllabus Computer Science 141: Computing Hardware Course Information – Fall 2009 August 31, 2009 1 Outline The main emphasis of this course is on the basic concepts of digital computing hardware and fundamental digital design principles and practices for computer systems. This course will cover topics ranging from logic design to machine organization and will address the impact of hardware design on applications and system software. An integral component of this course will be a sequence of hands-on hardware laboratory assignments where you will build digital circuits using simple logic gates and make use of some common software packages for Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and FPGA-based prototyping. Through these laboratory assignments, you will learn to design, construct, test and analyze the performance of reasonably large hardware systems. There is considerable overlap between CS 141 and Physics 123 . One would not normally take both CS141 and Physics 123 . If you have questions about which course you should take, please feel free to see Professor Brooks. CS 141 is more focused on computer architecture and machine organization while Physics 123 (and ES 154 ) is broader and addresses the design of practical analog and digital circuits. CS 141 is good preparation for students interested in computer architecture ( CS 246 ) and VLSI ( CS 148 ). 2 Administrative Information Lectures : Monday, Wednesday 1–2:30pm in Maxwell Dworkin G135 Laboratory : 2-3 hours on Thursday or Friday in Maxwell Dworkin B127 Instructor : Professor David Brooks ( [email protected] ) 141 Maxwell Dworkin, 495-3989 Office hours: TBD Course Admin : Joanne Bourgeois ( [email protected] ) 143 Maxwell Dworkin, 496-8360 1 CS141 Syllabus TFs : Svilen Kanev ( [email protected] ) Jian Han ( [email protected] ) 3 Course Prerequisites CS 50 is the formal prerequisite for this course. CS61 is helpful preparation but not re- quired. Working experience with Windows 2000/XP is assumed. An understanding of binaryquired....
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syllabus - CS141 Syllabus Computer Science 141 Computing...

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