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pt34ques - Government Promotion of Business 1 How have...

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Part 3 Questions: The Global Marketplace 1. What impact have NAFTA, the EU, and the Asian Rim had on your industry? Explain. 2. What kinds of transnational enterprises have arisen in your industry? Explain. 3. How has protectionism both in the U.S. and abroad affected the industries move to transnationalism? Explain. 4. Has global competitiveness helped or hurt your industry? What about the customers of your industry? Explain. Part 4 Questions:
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Unformatted text preview: Government Promotion of Business 1. How have taxes, subsidies, and government bailouts affected your industry? How have firms in your industry reacted? Explain. 2. NOT within your industry, do you support any of the alternative tax scenarios discussed in chapter 13? Explain. 3. How has privatization of former government activities affected your industry? Explain. 4. How does government procurement affect your industry? Explain....
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