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ECP 4413 GOVERNMENT AND BUSINESS FALL, 2010 INSTRUCTOR Dr. Paul M. Mason E-mail: Office: 42/3003 (620-2640) Home: (880-5583) Office Hours: F 10:00-11:30, and by appointment. READINGS There are many sources for readings in this course, but only one that the students must buy and use. It is the newest edition of a book that was updated to reflect the regulation and antitrust issues of the nineteenth through early twenty-first century. Other supplemental readings will be used to reinforce the text since by modern standards, the book is old. Weidenbaum, Murray L., Business and Government in the Global Marketplace, Seventh Edition (Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall), 2004. COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES The course is designed to introduce students to the theory and both useful and useless applications of antitrust and regulation. My goal is to introduce you to techniques available to analyze the characteristics of particular industries and to infer the roles that antitrust and regulation play and should play in those industries. The course draws on the material discussed in the principles of microeconomics primarily, however, the dichotomy between micro and macro is not complete, particularly in industrial organizations theory. One of the biggest advantages of this course for students is that it provides them with skills that most business majors will not acquire, generating significant comparative advantage in the labor market for new graduates. COURSE FORMAT Given the small enrollment, I would like to conduct the course as a senior seminar. Therefore, we will DISCUSS the material in the chapters assigned. Each member of the class will be responsible for reading the material and preparing enough copies of a one page synopsis for each other class member identifying how he/she thinks the material in that chapter relates to the assigned industry. We will exchange these documents and discuss the material at each class meeting. Using this format should provide an excellent understanding of the material and its applicability to specific industries.
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EVALUATION Grades are based on the student's performance in class discussion, the synopses, and a paper concerning the industry that he/she is assigned. The weights are as follows: Class Discussion 33% Handouts 33% Paper 34% 100% + OR - GRADES MAY BE GIVEN! ATTENDANCE
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syl4413 - ECP 4413 GOVERNMENT AND BUSINESS FALL, 2010...

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