assignment - Network Architecture and Client-Server...

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Network Architecture and Client-Server Computing Total Points: 45 Assignment Due: 3/3/11 1. A 4480-byte datagram is to be transmitted and needs to be fragmented because it will pass through an Ethernet with a maximum payload of 1500 bytes. Show the Total Length, More Flag, and Fragment Offset values in each of the resulting fragments. 8 points 2. Consider the effect of using slow start on a line with a 10-msec round-trip time and no congestion. The receive window is 32 KB and the maximum segment size is 2 KB. How long does it take before the first full window can be sent? 5 points 3. If the TCP round-trip time, RTT, is currently 30 msec and the following acknowledgements come in after 26, 32, and 24 msec, respectively, what is the new RTT estimate after each acknowledgement? 5 points 4. A transport layer message consisting of 1500 bits of data and 160 bits of header is sent to an internet layer, which appends another 160 bits of header. This is then transmitted through two networks, each of which uses a 24-bit packet header. The
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assignment - Network Architecture and Client-Server...

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