project - Comparison of Client-Server Computing API Goal of...

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Comparison of Client-Server Computing API Goal of the project The goal of this project is to compare Java API for client-server development. Specifically you will compare Java Socket API and the Java Datagram API. These three API’s will be compared from a programmer’s standpoint as well as an architectural standpoint. Thus you will need to compare the performance obtained in each case (quantitative comparison), as well as make a qualitative comparison. While discussing the quantitative results obtained, back your conclusions (e.g. sockets perform faster than the other techniques) with data to support your conclusions. Try to answer why you feel technique A is faster than technique B etc. In addition, you will compare these APIs, based on your observations, in relation to the ease of understanding the technology; time required for development, difficulties encountered, stability of code etc. This list is not meant to be exhaustive. Be sure to include any pertinent conclusions based on your experiences. Description of the Client-server interaction You will implement a reliable FTP client-server system. Provide a simple menu to the user, e.g. 1. GET 2. PUT 3. CD 4. QUIT Your code must be robust and handle any incorrect user input. Since there can be multiple clients querying the server at the same time with each client being serviced by a different thread on the server, the server must ensure concurrency control on the data file while it is being updated. Thus only one thread must gain access to the data file during writes. Be sure to terminate each thread cleanly after each client request has been serviced. Project 1
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project - Comparison of Client-Server Computing API Goal of...

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