syllabus - CNT 6707 Network Architecture and Client-Server...

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CNT 6707 - Network Architecture and Client-Server Computing PROFESSOR: Dr. Sanjay Ahuja Spring 2011 OFFICE: 15/3213 PHONE: 620-1317 EMAIL: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS : Tuesday and Thursday: 4.45 pm - 6 pm, 7.15 pm – 7.30 pm, 8.45 pm – 9.45 pm; or by appointment. HOME PAGE: / TEXT: Data and Computer Communications , by William Stallings, 9 th edition, Prentice-Hall. ABOUT THE COURSE: This course is an advanced course in networking and client-server computing. The TCP/IP protocols will be studied in this course. The focus of this course is on high-speed networks, both WANs and LANs. High-speed WANs have evolved into ATM networks operating at 155 Mbps or more while high-speed LANs have migrated from regular Ethernet to 100 Gbps Ethernet. Accordingly all these technologies will be investigated in this course. Design and performance issues with particular relevance to high-speed networks will be studied. With regards to client-server computing, the projects in this course will focus on performance evaluation and comparison of the Java Sockets API (TCP and UDP protocols) from the application designer's point of view. Students will be required to provide demos of their projects to the professor and write a research paper on their empirical findings. In addition, students will be expected to give presentations on advanced topics on networking or client-server architectures. Each student will decide the presentation topics in consultation with the professor. Material may be covered from sources other than the text. In such cases, notes will be provided in
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syllabus - CNT 6707 Network Architecture and Client-Server...

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