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9/2/2009 1 Study, Are You Up For It? What Works and Why? Your Own Study What is the Goal? Building Knowledge in Myself My Study: Is it efficient ? Does it result in A’s ? Can you remember material from last semester’s courses ? Prerequisite courses that are required before registration to upper level courses. Did you get “shallow” or “deep” knowledge in these? Success in Upper Division courses ACTUALLY DEPENDS on my knowledge and problem solving ability of the prerequisite courses. What is shallow knowledge or deep knowledge ? What is shallow knowledge or HAS ANYONE BOTHERED TO STUDY EFFECTIVE LEARNING? How to get to 100% What Is the Learning Curve? Forgetting Curve?
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9/2/2009 2 A Study of Studying Has Been Done Experimental Setup: 4 Groups of Students (Purdue University and Washington University) study 40 Swahili/English word pairs with eight rounds of study/testing. Group Study / Test Modality S T Study all words, Test all words. S N T Study only pairs missed on previous Test, Test all words. S T N Study all words, Test only missed words on previous test. S N T N Study only pairs missed on previous Test, Test only words missed on the previous Test Tests given after study session interrupted by a short “distracter task”
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PrinStudy - Study,AreYouUpForIt WhatWorksandWhy...

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