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Final Exam Topics List 1. Future Worth 2. Present Worth of an Annuity 3. Present Worth of an annuity with one replacement 4. Compounding effects 5. Payment on a car loan 6. Future value of annuity compounded 7. Future value to establish a sinking fund 8. Payback period 9. Infinite Annuity 10. Annual Capital costs 11. Finding a value in a cash flow 12. Initial investments and incremental analysis 13. Tax burden and MACRS 14. Debt and inflation
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Unformatted text preview: 15. Depreciation as an expense 16. Unequal service lives 17. Future worth and terminal value 18. Cash flow magnitude and depreciation 19. Depreciation methods and tax liability 20. Present worth and interest rates 21. Calculated depreciation methods 22. Calculated depreciation methods 23. Calculated depreciation methods 24. Calculated depreciation methods 25. Best depreciation method...
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