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INFORMATION ON THE FINAL EXAM PHY 2048 CALCULUS PHYSICS I Tuesday, 9 – 10:55 AM TOTAL OF 18 Multiple-Choice PROBLEMS There will also be a 10 point extra credit question. YOU WILL BE GIVEN THE FOUR PREVIOUS EQUATION SHEETS PLUS THE FIFTH EQUATION SHEET. As usual, physical constants (e.g. g = 9.8 m/s/s, etc. ) and conversion factors ( e.g. 1mile = 1610 m, etc. ) will be provided on the test. Here is the menu: Classical Mechanics ………. . Ten Problems Vibrations and Waves ……. Three Problems
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Unformatted text preview: • Thermodynamics …………. . Five Problems I suggest you study: 1) lecture notes & examples from class, 2) textbook including examples in the text, 3) homework, and 4) your old exams In my opinion, the final exam is the most important exam of the semester—studying for the final allows you to go back and learn where you made mistakes and correct them. The final is the place where you can show how much you learned in the course as a whole. GOOD LUCK!...
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