3254SummerC-Syllabus (8)

3254SummerC-Syllabus (8) - ENC 3254 Professional...

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Unformatted text preview: ENC 3254 Professional Communication Section 7171, MWF Period 2, 9:30 - 10:45, ONLINE Instructor: Samantha Plasencia Office Hours: By appointment Office: Elluminate E-mail: plasencia.sam@gmail.com Required Books: Lannon, John, Technical Communication , 12th ed. Boston: Longman (2011). Course description: Professional communication is the practice of conveying technical information to multiple audiences who may have very different goals and varying technical needs for that information. In this class you not only learn how to research, organize, and present technical information, but also how to write effectively, participate in group collaboration, and use various technologies to support your communication efforts. ENC 3254 is designed to help students master a variety of communication strategies and genres of writing relevant to specific professional disciplines. We will focus primarily on the composition and design of larger documents such as proposals, instructions, and formal reports using collaborative writing, as well as smaller documents such as memos, letters, resumes, and informal reports. We will practice analyzing writing situations in the technical workplace, then we will use the strategies for audience- analysis, organization, style, and page layout to develop documents that address those rhetorical situations. The objective of this class is to help you learn how to write, revise, and edit technical documents for the professional community you will join. Grade Breakdown: Your grade will be calculated out of a total 1000 points, and will be based on your performance on both in-class work and longer assignments. The breakdown for these assignments is as follows: Quizzes & Participation 100 In-Class Activities 100 Introductory E-mail Message (300 words) 25 Job Application Packet (1000 words) 50 Technical Definition (900 words) 100 Annotated Bibliography (300 words) 50 Instruction Manual (1200 words) 100 Feasibility Report (800 words/student) 160 Feasibility Team Evaluation (300 words) 40 Proposal Progress Report (600 words) 25 Proposal (1000 words/student) 160 Proposal Team Evaluation (300 words) 40 Peer Reviews 50 TOTAL 1000 Grading Scale: A 4.0 93-100 930-1000 C 2.0 73-76 730-769 A- 3.67 90-92 900-929 C- 1.67 70-72 700-729 B+ 3.33 87-89 870-899 D+ 1.33 67-69 670-699 B 3.0 83-86 830-869 D 1.0 63-66 630-669 B- 2.67 80-82 800-829 D- 0.67 60-62 600-629 C+ 2.33 77-79 770-799 E 0.00 0-59 0-599 Grading Rubric: Here is the meaning behind the grades assigned to your papers (use the statements to determine how you might work toward a higher grade): A: You did what the assignment asked for at a high level of quality, and your work shows originality and creativity. Work in this range shows all the qualities listed below for a B, but it also demonstrates that you took extra steps to be original or creative in developing content, solving a problem, or developing a style....
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This note was uploaded on 07/28/2011 for the course ENC 3254 taught by Professor Rinne during the Spring '08 term at University of Florida.

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3254SummerC-Syllabus (8) - ENC 3254 Professional...

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