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Audience and Use Profile Sheet Audience and Purpose Primary audience: University of Florida's athletic department Secondary audience: President of UF, board of directors Relationship with audience: Major faculty who must approve proposal Purpose of document: To persuade Audience and Purpose Statement: The purpose of this document is to prove to the Athletic Faculty at UF that a 24/7 gym is necessary and beneficial for students. Intended use of the information: To convince the faculty to consider this plan. Audience's prior knowledge about this topic: UF Faculty are experts Information needs: Background and basic facts supporting need for 24/7 gym Cultural considerations: None Probable questions: Where are we going to get the staff for this? Why do we need a 24/7 gym? How will we pay for this?
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Unformatted text preview: Audience’s Probable Attitude and Personality Attitude toward the problem: Encouraging How solving the problem benefits the audience: Allows students to work out any time they want Probable objections: Getting staff to work late hours Probable attitude toward this writer: Interested but skeptical Organizational climate: Student staff who can comply Persons most affected by this document: the students Probable reaction to the document: Skeptical but interested Audience Expectations about the Document Material important to this audience: The budget of the school Potential problems: Getting money to pay for this Length and detail: Concise and straight to the point Format and medium: About 2-3 pages Tone: Reasonable, business-like Due date and timing: End of the semester...
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