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Activity #8: Document Design The Case: Mechanical Engineering Online In small groups, analyze one back issue of Mechanical Engineering Online (http:// Identify as many accessing tools as you can. For example: Icons Color Dividers Tabs cross-reference tables etc. Identify at least one instance each of 1. Chunking 2. Queuing 3. filtering Explain how the grid pattern, columns, and visuals were used within the issue. Next, compare the design of Mechanical Engineering Online with the design of our
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Unformatted text preview: textbook, Lannon’s Technical Communication. Identify how Lannon uses icons, color, dividers, tabs, and cross-reference tables. What similarities do you notice? • What differences? • In what way might the similarities and differences be attributable to the audience and purpose for each text? • Which seems more effectively designed, the online magazine or the textbook? Present your findings in a 250-word memo to your instructor (follow Lannon’s memo format 343-345)....
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