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Activity 12: Group Contracts Activity: write a group contract. A binding agreement between you and your group members in which you agree to a set of specific, and general responsibilities and goals, and a set of consequences in the event that those responsibilities and goals are not met. Directions: the group leader will be in charge of putting all the group’s ideas down on paper in a reasonable and readable format. When the document is complete, the group leader should e-mail the document to all the group members, who should then open the document, put their electronic signature on the document, and e-mail it back to your group leader (please CC me on the returned signed copies). It is the group leader’s responsibility to keep these documents stored in the event of future incident. Your group contract should include but is not limited to the following: 1. General Responsibilities that you, as a member of group [NAME], will hereby swear to be accountable for. Examples:
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Activity12-GroupContracts - Activity12:GroupContracts...

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