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P ROFESSIONAL C OMMUNICATION : I NSTRUCTION M ANUAL Writing and Submission Requirements Length: 1200 words, minimum Format: APA or IEEE manuscript form Submission: Turn in to Sakai as an attached document in .doc or .docx format. Name the file as follows: LastnameFirstname-Assignmentname. No spaces (e.g.: JohnSmith-Memo.doc). Assignment Prompt and Context Create an instruction manual for a technical device or procedure, preferably one in your own field. The instruction manual should be for a specific process, task, or product. The manual should use specific technical skills you are currently developing in your other classes. These instructions should be relevant and informative for your intended audience, and must include all of the following elements: Clear and limiting title Informed content Descriptions and specifications Visuals (Diagrams, Icons, Illustrations) Appropriate level of detail and technicality Logically ordered steps Notes, hazard notices, safety information
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