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P ROFESSIONAL C OMMUNICATION : T EAM E VALUATION Writing and Submission Requirements Length: 300 words, Format: APA or IEEE manuscript form Submission: Turn in to Sakai as an attached document in .doc or .docx format. Name the file as follows: LastnameFirstname-Assignmentname. No spaces (e.g.: JohnSmith-Memo.doc). Assignment Prompt and Context Write short evaluations for each of your team members. Each of these should be between 50-100 words long. The entire document should be 300 words in length. Each evaluation should be accompanied by a grade of 1 to 40. This is your opportunity to grade your fellow team members. Were they so hard working that they deserve a 40? Or did they slack off and hand in bad work, deserving of a 15? Please consider some of the following questions when writing about your team members: 1. Did they respond in a timely fashion to all team communications?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Did they attend all meetings? 3. Did they contribute fully to each of the meetings? 4. Did they complete their section in a timely fashion? Or did they hand in their work late to the team? 5. Did they volunteer for responsibilities, or did they force the team leader to assign them work? 6. Did they turn in high quality work to the team? Or was their work so inadequate that it had to be rewritten by the team? 7. Were they overall easy to work with? Or difficult? Please take these evaluations seriously. It is not fair for team members who turn in subpar work, and consistently slack, to be rewarded with the same grade as those who worked hard and put in their time. This is your opportunity to evaluate your team members fair and accurately....
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