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Resume Writing, Strategy and Formats #1: Who Are You and How Do You Want to Be Perceived Identify your career interests, goals, and objectives – this will decide what you include in your resume, how you include it, and where you include it Who are you professionally and/or academically? How do you want to be perceived? Highlight technical qualifications and on-the-job experiences WARNING: if you prepare your resume without figuring out who you are and how you want to be perceived, your resume will have NO focus and no direction Jog your memory of past job by asking yourselves some of these questions: o What can I do better than anyone else? o When did I take the initiative? o Was I promoted? How often? o Did I win awards, e.g., Employee of the Month? o Did I get good performance reviews? o Have I received complimentary letters from customers or coworkers? o Have I produced anything tangible (e.g., a publication or product)? o Did I finish a major project on time and under budget? o Did I start some system that improved efficiency? o Did I participate in my company's employee suggestion program? o Have I saved the company time or money? o Did I work with someone important, e.g., the vice president of company? o What are the 10 greatest accomplishments of my life and what skills did I use to achieve them? o Was I recognized for excellent attendance? o Did I file all the forms daily so that there was no backlog? o Did I complete tasks in less time than expected? #2: Sell It to Me … Don’t Tell It to Me You are a product, and you must create a document that powerfully communicates the value of that product Don’t just tell facts (tell it), promote it, advertise it, and draw attention to it (sell it) TELL IT examples: Assisted in development of company Web site and e-commerce capability” SELL IT examples: Reengineered all system hardware and software, implemented quality assurance standards, upgraded supporting business processes, and significantly improved overall IT performance,
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ResumeWritingHandout - Resume Writing, Strategy and Formats...

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