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EEL 3211 Test 1 Sept. 25, 2007 Time limit: 50 minutes 1. (50 points) For the balanced three-phase circuit shown below determine: a) the magnitude of the line-to-line voltages V ab , V bc , and V ac b) the magnitude of the line currents I a , I b and I c . c) the average power dissipated by the load, P ave d) the reactive power delivered to the load e) the power factor of the load f) the average power supplied by the generator g) the reactive power supplied by the generator h) the apparent power supplied by the generator
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Unformatted text preview: i) the power factor of the generator. j) In no more than three sentences, explain the physical significance of average, reactive and apparent power. No equations here. 2. (50 Points) Consider the magnetic core with an air gap as shown. Determine the magnetic flux density B and the magnetic flux f in the gap produced by currents of i 1 = 0.5 A and i 2 = 1.0 A. Assume that m = ∞ for the magnetic material. Make sure to include units in your answers and state all assumptions....
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