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EEL 3211 Test 2 February 29, 2008 Time limit: 50 minutes. One (1) 8.5’ by 11’ sheet of notes allowed. All Answers must include units. Most of these problems are one-liners for each part! 1. (5 points) Three identical resistors are connected in a delta configuration to a three-phase line and dissipate a total power of 60 k-watts. If the same resistors are now connected in a wye configuration to the same three-phase determine the new power dissipated. 2. Three identical impedances are connected in a delta configuration across a 3-phase, 550 volt (line-to- line) source. If the line current is 10 amps, calculate a) (5 points) the current (magnitude) in each impedance and b) (5 points) the magnitude of each impedance. 3. (15 points) A 3-phase load is connected to a 440 volt line-to-line source and draws a current of 5 amps. If the power factor of the load is 80%, calculate: a) (5 points) the total apparent power b) (5 points) the total real power c) (5 points) the total reactive power absorbed by the load. 4.
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