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EEL 3211 Test 3 April 7, 2008 Time limit: 50 minutes. One (1) 8.5’ by 11’ sheet of notes allowed. All answers must include units. No internet access of any kind is permitted. 1. (5 points) A turbine turning at 200 rpm is connected to a synchronous generator. If the induced frequency is 60 Hz, how many poles does the rotor have? 2. (15 points) A 3-phase synchronous generator produces an open-circuit line voltage of 6928 V with a DC field current of 50 A. If the generator terminals are short-circuited the resulting line currents are 800 A. a) (5 points) Calculate the synchronous reactance per-phase (neglect winding resistance). b) (10 points) Calculate the terminal voltage if three 12 resistors are connected in wye across the terminals. 3. (15 points) A 36 MVA, 21 kV, 1800 rpm, 3-phase generator has a synchronous reactance of 9 (per- phase). If the internally generated voltage is 12 kV (line-to-neutral) and the terminal voltage is 17.3 kV (line-to-line) calculate:
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