EEE 3308C Spring 2011 HW2

EEE 3308C Spring 2011 HW2 - a dc gain of 20dB and a 3-dB...

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Homework 2 Due February 7, 2011 1) Difference Amplifier 1.1)Find the voltage gain A d (=v o /v Id ) for the difference amplifier shown above for the case R 1 =R 3 =10k and R 2 =R 4 =100k . 1.2) What is the differential input resistance R id ? 1.3) If the two key resistance ratios (R 2 /R 1 ) and (R 4 /R 3 ) are different from each other by 1%, what do you expect the common-mode gain A cm to be? 1.4) Also, find the CMRR in this case in the unit of dB. Neglect the effect of the ratio mismatch on the value of A d .
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2. Low pass filter circuit. Above figure shows a circuit that performs a low pass STC function (first-order, low-pass active filter). 2.1) Derive the transfer function and show that the dc gain is (- R2/R1) and the 3-dB frequency 0 = 1/CR2. 2.2) Design the circuit to obtain an input resistance of 10k
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Unformatted text preview: , a dc gain of 20dB, and a 3-dB frequency of 10kHz. 2.3) At what frequency does the magnitude of the transfer function reduce to unity? Please make a plot of gain as a function of frequency. 3. A particular op amp using 15 V supplies operates linearly for outputs in the range -12 V to + 12 V. If used in an inverting amplifier configuration of a gain of -100, what is the rms value of the largest possible sine wave that can be applied at the input without output clipping? 4. What is the highest frequency of a triangle wave of 20 V peak-to-peak amplitude that can be reproduced by an op amp whose slew rate is 10 V/ s? For a sine wave of the same frequency, what is maximum amplitude of output signal that remains undistorted?...
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EEE 3308C Spring 2011 HW2 - a dc gain of 20dB and a 3-dB...

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