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EEE 3308C Spring 2011 HW5 - (Hint Write down two...

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Homework 5 Due March 23 P5.1) In the circuit below, the n-channel MOSFET has the following parameters: k n ’ = 4 x10 -4 A/V 2 , W=5um, L=1um , V T0 = 0.7V, =0.02 V -1 , Φ F = 0.3V, = 0.4 V 1/2 . Find the DC operating point voltages, VG, VS, VD, and current, ID. P5.2) For the circuit in problem P5.1), find the small-signal parameters, g m and r o . Replace the MOSFET in the circuit above with the small-signal equivalent circuit of the MOSFET.
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Unformatted text preview: (Hint: Write down two small-signal equivalent circuits, one with the hybrid- model and another with the T model, and replace the DC voltages (i.e. +9V and -9V) with ac grounds and replace the capacitor with an AC short.) P5.3) What is the maximum value of the small-signal gate-to-source voltage for which the MOSFET small-signal drain current is linearized? +9V 1mA V i V o 5k-9V 100k...
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